ZAGA Partners & ZAGA Centers

With the support of the team of ZAGA Experts, and through the platform, general dental practitioners or your family dentists (ZAGA Partner) will determine whether zygomatic implants are needed and will design the respective treatment plan. After this, patients are referred to their closest ZAGA Center for the procedure and immediate placement of the fixed provisional prosthesis. Criteria for this referral are based on geographic proximity, specific aspects of the diagnosis and on the complexity of the case. A ZAGA Center is made up of many different ZAGA Partners. Through this platform, ZAGA Centers continually gain experience as they treat more patients, which is why rehabilitation with zygomatic implants has the best success rates.

1. Diagnostic (ZAGA Partner)

The ZAGA Partner diagnoses and designs the treatment plan. The patient is referred to the nearest ZAGA Center through Zygoma Integrated Solutions.

2. Procedure (ZAGA Center)

Immediate placement of the fixed provisional prosthesis at the nearest certified ZAGA Center.

3. Final Prosthesis (ZAGA Partner)

The ZAGA Partner, in constant contact with the Platform, places the fixed final prosthesis.

4. Follow-Up(ZAGA Partner)

The ZAGA Partner follows up throughout the rest of the patient’s life.


ZAGA Partners are a network of general dental practitioners and family dentists led by highly-trained professionals that have a global profile in patient treatment. They are characterized by the quality of their service and the compassion they have for patients.
The objective of a ZAGA Partner is to become a “point of reference” for each individual patient. A ZAGA Partner is a professional who walks the patient through the ENTIRE treatment. This includes connecting with the ZAGA Platform as part of the diagnosis phase; being in constant contact with the Platform as part of follow-up after the procedure and the immediate placement of the prosthesis; implementing the final prosthesis in the respective Partner Center; and providing follow-up treatment throughout the rest of the patient’s life, sharing experiences, and applying any new technologies – all through the ZAGA Platform.


For ZAGA Partners, patients come first. ZAGA Partners are familiar with and can analyze the challenges of treatment, especially in its surgical phase. These healthcare professionals value that the ZAGA method has proven to be the most conservative and predictable method for placing zygomatic implants.
ZAGA Partners place a priority on diagnosing the need to treat maxillary bone loss with zygomatic implants, performing the rehabilitation treatment in their health centers, and providing the subsequent patient follow-up. To successfully achieve the rehabilitation of their patients, ZAGA Partners make sure that their procedures are performed according to the ZAGA method.
ZAGA Partners are part of the global ZAGA network and therefore have access to the ZAGA Platform. As part of this network, ZAGA Partners, as with ZAGA Centers, share the same objective of establishing protocol and promoting the ZAGA philosophy among professionals and patients.


Zygoma Integrated Solutions is an organizational platform designed to support ZAGA method zygomatic implant treatments. Through this platform, professionals share all medical, logistical and management aspects in order for the rehabilitation process to be successful. The team involved in treating patients consists of ZAGA Partners and ZAGA Centers, all certified by our team of ZAGA Experts. The experience that comes out of this platform allows for the continual improvement of protocols, techniques and instruments.


ZAGA Experts is the team that operates the Zygoma Integrated Solutions platform. It is made up of internationally-renowned surgeons and scientists known for their professional track record and for practicing a philosophy that is focused on applying the advances of medicine to put patient well-being first. The objective of the ZAGA Experts team is to continuously improve the treatment of severe maxillary atrophy by conducting clinical trials and by fostering collaborations between different fields of medicine and technology. Through indexed publications and by participating in specialized international congresses, ZAGA experts contribute to all of the method’s new developments and breakthroughs and share this information with certified members. ZAGA Experts are committed to clinical research and to the development of technology. They create and guide research protocols for later publication in scientific journals that adhere to the foundations of ZAGA Partners and ZAGA Centers.


ZAGA Centers are an international network of professionals that are highly-specialized in treating maxillary bone loss through zygomatic implants. Certified in the ZAGA philosophy, ZAGA Centers provide surgical treatments to patients in their region or city that need zygomatic implants, making them the experts in treating maxillary atrophy and bone loss. The main role of a ZAGA Center is to perform procedures on people with maxillary bone loss by placing zygomatic implants with the ZAGA method and by attaching an immediate fixed prosthesis within 24 hours following the procedure.


Especially from the surgical point of view, zygomatic implants are much more complex than regular tooth implants. Severe maxillary atrophy is the main indicator that zygomatic implants should be used. Statistics show that the number of people with severe maxillary atrophy detected in a regular-sized clinic each year is very low. Considering the natural rate of learning curves, it is understandable how difficult it is for a dentist who runs a clinic to become an expert surgeon with this specific treatment. In most cases, patients with tooth loss and severe upper maxillary atrophy only get one chance at rehabilitating their tooth loss with fixed teeth. It is our belief that the treatment of maxillary atrophy with zygomatic implants must be performed by an expert professional such as those provided by ZAGA Centers, as it is crucial to be successful on the first try. In addition to being connected to the Zygoma Integrated Solutions platform and sharing their experience, ZAGA Centers have access to state-of-the-art technology. Also known as ZAGA Designs, this technology can adapt to the specific anatomy of each individual patient, such as with ZAGA zygomatic implants.


ZAGA Centers are part of the Zygoma Integrated Solutions platform, whose objective is to establish protocol and promote the ZAGA philosophy among professionals and patients.ZAGA Centers are connected to ZAGA Partners through the ZAGA platform. They consist of local general practitioners that have a high global profile in specialized patient treatment, including the use of zygomatic implants when they are necessary. ZAGA Partner clinics also have access to the ZAGA Platform. ZAGA Partners are qualified to place the final prosthesis and can perform the rehabilitation treatment and ensuring patient follow-up at their respective health centers. Cases are therefore handled between the patient and a team consisting of the following professionals:

  • ZAGA Partners: Walk patients through the entire process. They are responsible for making the diagnosis, placing the final prosthesis and for patient follow-up.
  • ZAGA Centers: They are responsible for performing the procedure and for the immediate placement of the provisional prosthesis.
  • ZAGA Integrated Solutions: They help facilitate a successful treatment as well as follow-up treatment by providing support in selecting patients, making a diagnosis and referrals, logistics and for communications between the different agents involved.