ZAGA Academy

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ZAGA CENTERS Zygoma Course

January 24-26th 2019
Barcelona, Spain


March 22nd 2019
COEC, Barcelona, Spain

June 27-29th 2019
COEC, Barcelona, Spain


March 1-2nd 2019
London, UK

May 16-17th 2019
São Paulo, Brasil

October 10-12th 2019
Orlando, Florida, US

ZAGA Training Kits

Plan ahead digitally and start placing zygomatic implants on carefully selected 3D-printed models of representative severely atrophic patients. Check your work during the quarterly review webinar where all cases are planned live by a ZAGA Expert.

Zaga Training Kit Case 1

Ideal for first-timers, the STARTER kit includes 2-zygoma cases to digitally plan before receiving the corresponding 3D-printed models to perform the surgery as planned. Finally, the final webinar by Dr. Aparicio will be held, where both cases will be planned and commented live. A questions and answers session will take place at the end of the webinar.


The EXPERT Kit is an advanced set of cases for the trained dental implant surgeon willing to plan and perform surgery on quad- complex cases.