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If you want to learn more about zygomatic implants, and the ZAGA network, you’re in the right place. We are happy to help and answer your questions.

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I wish to learn more about zygomatic implants, treatment options or ask for a second opinion. I want to contact with a ZAGA certified professional to set up an appointment.

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As a clinic owner/manager, I want to be able to offer zygomatic treatments to my patients. I wish to receive information on how to be a ZAGA Partner.

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Expert in dental implantology with a recognized track record, I wish to receive information on the certification process to be a ZAGA Center in my area.

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If you are sharing medical data, the files must be anonymised. When sharing medical data with us, you declare having the written authorization from the patient to do so. If you are sharing DICOM files, creating a compressed archive is a great way to send all files. If the file is too large, we advise using hosting services as, for instance, WeTransfer, Dropbox, Google Drive and share the link into the message.