ZAGA is a method that can guarantee the long-term success of treating cases of maxillary atrophy with zygomatic implants.

Zygoma Integrated Solutions is a platform for gathering patients, professionals, protocols, experiences, research and scientific developments that are related to the ZAGA method.

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Discover what Maxillary Atrophy is, its causes and characteristics.

The Frequently Asked Questions are here to resolve the most common doubts regarding the treatment using zygomatic implants.

The Testimonials provide insights into the satisfaction of the Patients treated using the ZAGA philosophy.


The ZAGA philosophy adapts to the anatomy of the patient to achieve superior results to traditional techniques.

The Zygoma Integrated Solutions platform guides professionals step by step in the entire treatment.

The Blog keeps professionals up-to-date on current events, research and events linked to zygomatic implantology.

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